March 23, 2012

instafriday: week 10.

Has it seriously been ten weeks since I started this series?

And have I really started a bazillion posts with a question like that? Apparently I am losing my mind, people.

Picnik collage

Anyway, here are the highs and the lows from the a few instagram photos mixed in between:

1.That photo (labeled "funny). I'll let you guess what that drawing stands for. And no, that was NOT my drawing. I was the unfortunate one to have to guess what it was (on the draw something app). I repeat, I did not draw that one. But I do love that app and all of its awkwardness.

2. Finals week + spring break. Hallelujah. I'm pretty sure you're even happier considering that's just about all that I've been blogging about lately. Yeah, you're probably thinking, "Move on already, girl! We all gots finals to study for..."

3. Eating strawberry pretzel salad/dessert almost everyday. Yeah, my jeans are not going to fit anymore. I justify eating it is because I made it (you burn calories when you cook, right?).

4. Everyone's sick! Not good. Definitely not good. I spent a good amount of my Sunday afternoon saying "I will not get sick. I cannot get sick" in my head and out loud. I think it did the trick. This time, at least.

5. Seeing this movie trailer. I'm all for family-related, adoption-centered stories. Yes, I am one of those girls who enjoys happy endings. Thanks to Emily (of the anderson crew) for sharing the link on Facebook!

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