March 9, 2012

instafriday: week 8.

instafriday w8.

Hello, Friday. Long time, no see. Please, do stay awhile, why don't ya?

Highs and Lows. Because you know you want to read more about my boring (school-filled) life...right?

1. Going to my sister's choir concert. You sing, girl! She's also the only one in the family who's got the guts to do so anyway. She's had solos in the past--which just thinking about it makes me nervous.

2. Having a silly little so-called argument with my mom about who takes a shower first. Yes, it was as weird as it sounds. And even though we don't take long showers (like taking a ten-fifteen minute shower is LONG for us folks), we both worry that we'll use up all the hot water. Yeah, now you know what my life is really like.

3. Realizing that finals are coming up. One word. Yikes.

4. Also realizing that ten on ten is tomorrow. One word. Yippee!

5. Getting to make up my own school as a mini group project. And money was not an issue. Can you say teacher heaven with me? Let's just say traveling, gardening, and animals were all included.

Happy Friday! See you tomorrow blogland...get ready for my ten on ten set. Let's hope my creativity wakes up with me in the morning.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

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