March 29, 2012

on being real.

I've taken the past week or so to think things through.

About being real.

You know, being a real honest-to-goodness blogger. Although apparently, that's too much of a challenge for me because I don't even really know what honest-to-goodness even means.

Moving on.


I've been thinking about turning this blog into more of a personal blog. What does that mean? More of the Tuesday/Thursday-type posts for one. Posts that are more about me and less about genius ideas. Now don't get me wrong, these ideas are great (that's why I started that series to begin with), but they

a.) aren't my ideas (you can always turn to Pinterest or Real Simple for that)


b.) they don't really reflect me anymore.

I know, this sounds selfish, but I want my blog posts to be the best they can be. Not just pre-scheduled routines that turn me into a robot.

And as I think about it, this necessity to post makes/made blogging more of a chore and less of a privilege and joy for me.


Which is why starting next week, my monday's everyday genius posts will be much less frequent. I plan to share a few of these posts every now and then (which is why I'm going to keep the tab on the right up and running) but I want these to be truly genius ideas (and possibly even ideas that I've created or learned from my family/friends).

And the same goes for the in love with... and what i've been watching wednesday posts as well. I'm hoping to keep the window shopping series around though. Only because I just started it.

So what will be the same?


The easy answer is me! Yep, you're stuck with me. That is, unless you decide not to stick around. Which I understand, because changes are a-coming. But I'm hoping you'll still stick around. At least for a little while.

I'm also going to keep the instafriday posts. I love those. Although, I'm going to try and jazz it up and make it look prettier. Or at least easier on the eye.

I also want to try to bring back some of my favorite links. Because I love sharing some of the other blogs I read.


And I would someday like to create some other new series and categories as well. Ones that are real, honest, and hopefully well-written. Because we all know I often end up publishing posts that are filled with typos. Which is terrible because that is one of my many pet peeves.

Anyway, in case you decided to keep scrolling, here's the quick and easy (and much shorter) version of the post:

1. I'm pushing myself to be a better writer. I want to find the inner journalist that my high school English teacher said I had way back when.

2. I'm going to stop writing on a scheduled routine. I want my posts to be real and not robotic.

3. But that doesn't mean the series are disappearing. They're still going to be around, they'll just come as more of a surprise.


As I've posted earlier, I'm still struggling with balancing. Mostly because I want to be real but I also want to watch what I post to protect those around me and my future as well.

So we'll see what happens. I'm sorry if this uncertainty bugs you (like it probably would bug me if I were in your shoes) but I just wanted to be upfront from the get go.

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