March 8, 2012

window shopping: IKEA.

Picnik collage

That's right. A new series for ya'll. Because a college student + an empty wallet + internet = window shopping. And it really is window shopping because it's opened in a window in Firefox.

Ha. ha. ha.

Anyway. if you're curious as to what these are and how much they cost (the most expensive piece is thirty dollars), see below for the links.

1. succulents ($2.99 each)
2. smycka artificial peonies ($2.49 each)
3. kvissle white letter tray ($19.99 each)
4. undre paper napkins ($1.99 for a package of 30)
5. ursula throw ($29.99 each)
6. forsommar plant pots ($1.99 each)
7. sockerart white vase ($19.99 each) 

And yes, I did start out with my favorite store. That's right. I'm an IKEA lover. 

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