April 24, 2012



You probably remember when I wrote about being real (or you're at least tired of me alluding to it). But now I want to write about being positive.

Because isn't that what blogging is about? I mean, we don't open our blog readers or click on a blog because we want to be discouraged or bombarded with someone else's complaints. We read blogs because we want to be inspired, enjoy a good laugh, or be encouraged.

Or maybe that's just me?

And while I'm going to continue posting some "real" posts, I also want to balance it out with light, happy ones as well. Like maybe a one:two ratio. For every one real post (see here for an example) I'll have at least two happy-go-lucky/light posts (see here for an example).

Ones that hopefully make someone laugh (or guffaw, as my mom would say).

Is that a bad idea? Who knows. We'll see what I think about it two weeks from now.

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