April 8, 2012

easter + a rewind button.

It's almost 10pm on Easter Sunday and I'm regretting not taking many photos today.

I mean, doesn't every blogger post photos of how they spent their holidays? Sure, they might have kids (and thus a greater reason to take countless photos of their little ones hunting for eggs) but it's times like this that I wish I could go back in time.

Do you ever feel that way?

Take the days when I say something I shouldn't have, for instance. And don't forget the days when a cute guy says something funny and I can't come up with a clever reply (and am left staring and smiling like the total geek I am). Or those days when I realize (after church is over, of course) that I have playdough on the seat of my pants (from playing with kids an hour earlier). Yeah, days like those.

And yes, I've had my full share of those days. Don't let me start.

Picnik collage

And while I sometimes wish I could control time, I also realize that this is something greater than me. Something that I'm not supposed to have control over. And something that I just have to let out of my control. Because what's fun in having a perfect life? If there were rewind and fast forward buttons in life, then I would have missed out those times when my relationship with others grew while I was at my lowest (take being homesick, for instance). Or the times when I laughed so hard I nearly cried when reflecting upon some of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

While I didn't enjoy it in the moment, in retrospect, these times make up who I am.

Picnik collage

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend! And sorry for this not very happy-go-lucky post to start your week.

At least ten on ten is tomorrow! Yippee!

And yes, most of my instagram photos do look very similar. What can I say? At least I'm consistent...

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