April 9, 2012

the end of the grumps...

...at least for the time being (aka until midterms come around).

Anyway, I just wanted to post another quick (and hopefully) short blurb because after thinking about my last post, I felt super disappointed in myself. I mean, I was basically throwing a little pity party on Easter.

Which is not right in sooo many ways.

So that's why I'm posting yet again during a short (lunch) break between classes.

Because when you think about Easter, whether it be the egg hunts, the flowery dresses and yellow dress ties, or the church services, there's a certain happiness, an element of surprise, joy, and hope that comes to mind.


Even though my family didn't organize a neighborhood egg hunt (like we did, say, eight or so years ago), that doesn't mean that my happiness, gratitude, and joy should disappear as well.

As a total side note, my dad once wanted us girls to put together a Veggie Tales puppet show for the kids one Easter. My shy self didn't let that happen. 

Anyway, I wanted to write something else Easter-related because of the amazing sacrifice, story, and hope that comes with each Easter Sunday.  The joy (and peace!) that I am forgiven, the story of sacrifice on both God and Jesus' parts, and the hope that He brings to me each and every day. That is what Easter is all about.


And I hope that this most recent post makes me sound a little more grateful and a little less grumpy.

And you'd better believe this is a short post for me.

Or not...

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