April 6, 2012

instafriday: week 12.

Picnik collage

I am soo glad it's finally Friday. It's been sort of a crazy week schedule-wise and I'm obviously behind on my photo a day photos. Fail. Again.

But...it's Good Friday! Easter is on its way!

Here are the highs and lows from the week (fortunately these are ready and on time):

1. Vanilla chapstick. I haven't had this stuff in ages, but let me tell you, it is truly delightful. Smells just like a tub of vanilla frosting. (Sidenote: I just checked softlips' site and there are apparently peach-mango, coconut cream, and passion fruit flavors. Yum, right?)

2. Jiggly-wiggly seats. Have you ever had the person behind you jiggle the back of your seat with their foot? How about on and off for a whole two hours? I seriously felt like I was getting a back massage. An unwanted one as well.

3. Guitar music in the quad. There was some pretty nice weather on Monday (then it was back to rain, of course) which was a pleasant surprise and someone's lovely guitar music topped it all off. I felt like I was being serenaded while I walked to class. Well, at least sort of...

4. Bones is back! And baby Bones is here too! You'd better believe this made my top five from the week.

5. Facebook and timeline. I'm not sure if I like this update/switch/new thing or not. I'm probably leaning on the not so much seeing as I could have switched weeks ago.

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Easter, too! Do you still hunt for eggs?

Edit: Oops! Apparently my brain is dead--seeing as I posted some of the photoaday photos from last week. Props to those of you who noticed that!

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