April 20, 2012

instafriday: week 14.

Apparently studying has made me more blogging-productive?

Picnik collage

And I apologize for sharing my photo a day photos in a wonky order. I'm still playing catch-up while trying to stay on track.

Anyway, here are the highs and lows!

Taking afternoon walks around campus. Being on campus all day isn't all that fabulous but taking a brisk twenty minute walk not only clears my mind but keeps my rear from falling asleep during my next class as well. Win-win situation.

Venting. Some may call it complaining, but I find it incredibly therapeutic. Especially when venting with/to people who actually understand and care.

Studying. I know this is part of being a college student, but let's just say studying doesn't get funner with time/experience. Especially when the weather man says it's supposed to be sunny this weekend. I mean, are midterms really necessary?

Cutting my hair. It's getting sooo long. So that's what I'll be DIY-ing later this morning. Wish me luck!

Learning about the human body. Even though I'm taking an intro class, I'm actually learning quite a bit and am really enjoying it. Which is quite shocking coming from a girl who can't stand the sight of blood and gore (i.e. surgeries shown on television). Anyway, learning about the human body only makes me more amazed at what an awesome creator He is. Our bodies are incredibly intricate, right?

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend plans are more exciting than mine!

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