April 3, 2012

roadtrip tips.

I'm here with a little list of things most people don't think about packing/doing before leaving for a trip (especially road trips) that are a must in my family. So without further ado, here is my list of do's and don'ts for road trips (or in some cases, trips in general):
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1. DO cut your fingernails and paint your toes/nails. It may seem like a no-brainer, but as a girl who can only stand short fingernails (after years of playing the viola), having long nails (or unpainted toes) can get annoying. At least for me. Of course, you could solve this by bringing/buying a nail clipper and some nail polish. But I like to do things the complicated way.

2. DON'T forget to freeze your waterbottle. This is seriously the best tip I have for car rides (especially if your trip is in the summer!). It keeps your water cool which is the only way I like my water. Just make sure you don't fill up the bottle entirely with water (before sticking it in the freezer) since water expands when frozen.

3. DO bring your chargers (and charged up electronics) This way, if your camera is left on by accident or if your cell phone randomly drains its battery, you're prepared (and yes, I am speaking from experience). And you can always use this handy trick for differentiating your power cords.

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4. DO have your camera ready at all times (as long as you're not the driver). There are some great things to snap while you're driving. Like gorgeous spring trees, weird people in the lane beside you, or your sleeping sisters, for example.

5. DO bring a spare blanket. When my family and I go on trips, I'm often the sister who sleeps in the roll-away or sofa bed at the hotel (mostly because I like my personal space). Sometimes, the blankets aren't there or they aren't enough for me, so I try to pack a cotton blanket with me. And you can always use it in the car, too!

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6. DON'T forget to pack some snacks. There's nothing worse than a hungry stomach while being stuck in traffic. So if you're on the road, pack some special snacks. Usually, my mom will bake a batch of cookies (i.e. chocolate chip and granola) to snack on as we drive. And as a mini tip, we store food in a grocery store reusable bag since they're pretty sturdy and have handles for easy carrying from the car and to the hotel room.

7. If you're not the driver, DO go to sleep a little later on the night before you leave. This way (on long rides, especially) you can burn a few hours by taking a nap. Definitely a must for me seeing as reading/writing/anything + sitting in the car = definite carsickness.

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8. DO stop at local parks along the way. Sometimes rest stops just don't cut it. Especially when you have a dog. And many of the larger parks located within the city have bathrooms anyway. And the chances of knowing the locals is rather small, so go ahead and play on the playground while you're there. Do it.

9. When/if you stop along the way, DO hide your prized possessions (if you leave them behind) before you park the car. You never know who's watching you slip your spendy electronics under your seat. The last thing you want is to have your camera stolen, right? If you're me, just bring them with you. Especially because some of my best photos are in the most random places (i.e. inside restaurants, parks, etc.).

10. DON'T forget to create a special road trip playlist before you leave. My sister created one on my iPod and well, let's just say High School Musical somehow ended up playing in the car. Don't ask. But if you do, ask my middle-school self.

Now, that that's through, let me congratulate you if you made it through this long list. Because it was super long.

Secondly, do you have any road trip tips? I'm part of a road-tripping family so I'd love to know!


  1. DO be mindful that if there's only two of you, you too have a responsibility to the car. I'd recommend staying awake, especially at night with the wildlife!
    DO pack healthy alternatives for snacks. If you are really hungry you'll eat it. If you're simply bored try doing something other than eating. *easier said than done I know.
    DO try and buy something at a petrol station if you're stopping for the loo. Even if it's just a bottle of water or hey! a postcard! It's good karma, will help keep them in business and make sure they're there next time you need to stop by!

    Awesome list chick. I love road trips! Man, now I wanna go on one.

    1. Ooh, great tips! :) Thanks for sharing, Ebony! I really want to go on a roadtrip now, too!


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