April 29, 2012

sunday best: monochromatic + a mix of metallics.

 I'm really starting to like this Sunday-best-post-thing.

Today's outfit is kind of interesting...especially now that I've taken the time to look at them on my computer.


The cropped pants? They were actually my older sister's. In their previous life, they were normal length pants (Is there a better name for that? I'm not very knowledgeable in fashion-lingo) and she actually took them in (she's a sewing-genius!) and changed the length because she's shorter then me. If she didn't, just imagine this pair of pants baggier and super flared at about mid-calf on me. Not so pretty before. Maybe I should have taken pictures before to prove my point...

Or not.

I also noticed that my silvery sandals and gold scarf are two different metallic tones. Is that a fashion no-no? Kind of like black and brown. Still wondering about that one.

And I promise my posts won't be this long (at least I hope so!). 

Loving the idea of a travel journal.
I also love this idea of posting updates on past projects/happenings.
Have you heard of this girl?  I'm not sure if I think she's crazy, confident, or just plain silly.
Found another food blog! The photos are amazing.

Hope you're enjoying/enjoyed your weekend!

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