April 22, 2012

sunday best: right on target.

Hello, new blog post series! Some of you observant ones may have noticed the new button (on the right) that led to well, nothing on Thursday afternoon. And while I didn't intend to leave it up there (after momentarily testing it out), the little bit (ahem) of laziness decided to leave it there anyway.

Anyway...here's what this new series is all about:
I've decided to document some of the (aka good) Sunday outfits I wear to church. Why? Because these are the only days of the week where I intentionally try dress myself. Wait, scratch that last sentence. That sounded weird. Let me try again.

Basically, Sundays are the only day of the week where I try to look decent. Most other days I just wear jeans, a sweatshirt, and a tee. And while I often wear some of the same pieces from the school week in my Sunday outfits, I try to make it a little more snazzy and a little less sleepy student. 

So here's my first attempt. You'll probably notice that my closet basically consists of clothes from Target and Old Navy (hence the post title, ha ha...).

Oh, and here's my only requirement for viewing: Don't laugh at my sad fashion/posing attempts, okay?

ready to go 4.22

And no, I'm not turning into a fashion blogger. I think my lame attempts at posing prove just that.

outtake from 4.22

Oh, and another aspect of this blog post series is to include some of my favorite links from around the world wide web at the end of each post as well. For you long-timers, yes, I'm bringing back my Friday links (only they'll be shared on Sundays now). So here goes:

A super cute series on super cute couples.
I love his thoughts on blogging.
A cute way to frost cakes.
I'm loving this new take on a sandbox (sand trails be gone!).
I want my future Easter celebrations to be like this one. Or at least half as funny. That would do.

Happy Sunday!

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