April 23, 2012

that moment.

pic monkey lemon

You know that moment when you drop your phone while walking to class and your heart skips a beat for a second? Only to find a second later that your hands somehow magically catch it (thus, preventing it from landing on the wet sidewalk beneath your feet)? That moment is pretty darn lucky.

I also love that moment when kids beg you to re-read a book to them again. For the third time in a row. That's a grateful moment.

And don't forget the moment when you wake up twenty minutes late. Now that's a great moment (kidding). Talk about an adrenaline rush!

And then there's the moment when you open the mailbox to find a handwritten letter or card from a loved one. That's one of the best moments ever. Am I the only one who still loves getting old snail mail every now and then? And no, credit card offers do not count as snail mail. I prefer to call that slug mail.

Do you ever have moments like these? Or am I the only one?

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