April 11, 2012

wishy washi.

Picnik collage

There's no doubt this stuff isn't cool (does that last sentence even make sense?). Which is why I'm blogging about it. Even though I don't own any.

My little sis, on the other hand, scored some for Christmas. And oddly enough, it was my older sister and I who wanted some. Even though I've had the opportunity to buy some, I've been a little cheap and haven't gotten any yet. Just waiting for the right roll to find me.

Anyway, here are the links to the photos (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Washi Tape Notebook tutorial by Danielle of Oh Hello, Friend

2. Washi Tape Vase tutorial by Sweet Paul (of Sweet Paul Magazine)

3. Washi Tape Bunting tutorial by Poppytalk

4. Washi Tape Magnet tutorial by Christen of Twirling Betty

5. Washi Tape Mural tutorial by Nina of Ninainvorm

6. Washi Tape Flowers tutorial by Pooi on American Crafts Studio Blog

7. Washi Tape Wall Art by Leslie of A Creative Mint

Happy crafting taping!

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