May 30, 2012

(currently) in love with...

You betcha I'm posting an "in love with" post again! Except this time, these are things I've got in the house or that I've found online. And I'm really liking this new take on an old blog post series.

So here's what I'm currently in love with:

cookie butter 1

cookie butter

1. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. Seriously delicious. And just like a cookie, I tell you. According to my family, it has the consistency of peanut butter. In my peanut-free opinion (I'm allergic), it tastes pretty good. And it's especially delicious when paired with a juicy crisp apple. And I'm not the only one who's been eating it either! Shutterbean (of the Joy the Baker podcast) has too!

2. EOS lip balm. I've seen this stuff around the internet and finally got the chance to try it. The summer fruit one is good. And yes, I am blogging on lip balm again. Just trying to save chapped lips--one blog post at a time. I bought mine here and so can you!

3. These four very lovely skirts from Target. They are so pretty. And so tempting to buy (as I sort of alluded to awhile back).

What's on your lovely list this week? Nail polish? A novel? Or maybe your lovely list consists of groceries you need to buy?


  1. That looks amazing! I really want to try it now... I may have to head out to the store soon and buy some!

  2. I LOVE my EOS lip balm - I have the summer fruit and the mint, highly recommend! That butter looks amazing and so do the skirts! I'm totally into my mint green shellac manicure this week. :) and mini-chicken tamales from trader joes!

    1. I'm glad someone else loves EOS lip balm as much as me!

      Mint green is quickly becoming a favorite color, the shellac manicure sounds lovely! And anything from Trader Joe's is fair game in my family. ;)


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