May 9, 2012

i feel good.

...I knew that I would.

Sorry, but I just had to. You can thank me later for getting the song stuck in your head.


Anyway, even though you probably didn't want/don't care to read about this, I just wanted to take a few moments to say that I'm really digging this change to my blog. I feel like it's not only more rewarding (i.e. getting to know other bloggers) but I also feel more relieved and less stressed about blogging as well.

It may seem backwards, but it's really rejuvenated me and I actually feel more excited about and by blogging. I'm no longer mass-producing posts (which is good because we can all only take so much of my writing) and I'm finally feeling like this is a blog that I can share with my friends.

That's right. Aside from my close family and two of my family friends (who are basically family), I haven't told anyone that I blog.

And while I don't really feel like I need to, I finally feel like I'm there.

Which is why I'm so tempted sometime to go through and purge/refine my past posts.

I think that will make a good summer project when it's too hot to go outside, right?

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