May 4, 2012

instafriday: week 16.

Yep. I'm still searching for a new collage-maker. But here's one of my photos from last weekend:

And of course, here are the highs and lows:

Spending a good ten minutes re-making my bed before I went to sleep. Sure, it kept me up later, but it felt so nice to fall asleep in less of a jumbled-up mess.

Studying with friends. It definitely makes it a lot more bearable.

The weather. I'm not a fan of this rain one week and sunshine the next. I wouldn't mind if you chose the latter of the two next week, okay?

Finding out about this guy. I'm a fan. Technically, I should be posting about him on Sunday, but I couldn't wait that long.

Online shopping. I'm not actually purchasing anything, but I love looking around online, seeing what's actually there (because for some reason, whenever I go to the store in person, my size/color choice is never in stock). 

Happy Friday! Got any plans? I'm hoping to tackle some DIY projects. Or at least look at all my DIY-related pins...


  1. Did you hear that the old employees from Picnik started their own company? It's called Pic Monkey and I think it has almost all the same features as Picnik did! (for collages). :)

  2. Emily: Yeah, I actually just discovered that site not too long ago. It says something about a collage feature coming soon! I'm waiting on pins and needles in the meantime. Thanks for letting me know!


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