May 11, 2012

instafriday: week 16.

an outtake from yesterday's post.

I think it's safe to say that this week was pretty darn great. Here's why:

A gigantic bumblebee in the classroom. Normally, I would classify this as a low from the week, but this could easily be my high. Mostly because it involved multiple people ducking, shrieking, and nearly running out of the room for their lives. Oh, and did I mention that my professor walked around the room with the textbook trying to get it out? Maybe you had to be there. I don't know. But it definitely made my day.

Reminding myself that I don't have to be a super planner. And learning to trust God's plans. It's a tricky one, but I'm beginning to really live and be content with it all.

Spending the afternoon in the air conditioned university library. So delightful. Even if I was catching up on TV. Shh...don't tell anyone. But don't worry, everyone does it. It's either watching TV, browsing on Facebook, or pinning away on Pinterest. And yes, I can be a bit of a loner sometimes. I prefer calling it my introvert-time.

Preparing for Sunday's craft. I'm pretty excited because we're making these super cute cards. Pretty excited. Cross your fingers that the morning goes well!

Realizing that June is only a matter of weeks away. Where did this term go?

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? Did you have any giant bumblebees buzzing around?

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