May 31, 2012

slice of humble pie


When I mentioned that my family and I went biking in the forest over the weekend, I failed to mention the fact that that ride was breathtaking--in both the literal and figurative senses. It also came with nice big slice of humble pie. No extra charge.

Here's the backstory. After having lost some weight, I've really noticed how much more I can do physically. I feel like I have more endurance; which was all fine and dandy to think until this past weekend.

The ride started off with some easy coasting. Which didn't help my big head that was now squished inside my helmet.

And then the incline came along. The first few climbs weren't fun, but I wasn't exactly a happy camper any more.

As the ride continued, my shoes slipped off my pedals from the wet ground. I was out of breath and I felt completely out of shape. I was longing for some downhill trails.

I realized I am no Lance Armstrong.

And I have a new respect for bike riders. And some determination for this summer.

Forest trails: 1 Kiki: 0

But don't let that victory get to your head, forest trail, I'll be back.

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