May 13, 2012

sunday best: it's too hot.

It's so hot out! I think I now know what the rest of the country feels like. How do you survive the heat?

Me? I change clothes as soon as I come home from church on Sundays. Washing my face and drinking cold water also helps. But changing into athletic shorts? That's the real cooler-offer in my book.I may not look cool, but I definitely feel cooler.


Obviously, this isn't a photo of what I wore today to church. In honor of Mother's Day, I decided a cute old photo would look better (which also allowed me to be lazy and recycle an old outfit). Which worked out well, considering my mom opened her presents before we left (leaving more time for opening and less time standing in front of my closet).

Here are some links to love on this Mother's Day:
New blog designs are my fave.
A dance for you to learn.Maybe perform it for your mom?
A cute little vlog interview.
I've had lemon bars, but I've never tried lime or grapefruit bars.
And a cute little blog I found last week.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all the other moms out there! Did you make a card or buy one? I'm a total card maker.

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