June 1, 2012

instafriday: week 19.


Yep, those crazy collages of mine are back. You can thank PicMonkey for that. Seriously, this is becoming my new favorite photo-editing site.

Anyway, here are the highs and lows from the week:

Buns. They're not quite on top, but pretty close. Does this make me a blogger? I'm thinking I'll bring the bangs back, this summer to top it all off.

A short week. Who doesn't like long weekends and short school/work weeks?

Hiding from a smart mosquito. Yeah, you probably thought I was done with my parasite talk. But really this guy (or gal) was way too smart. Which left me wearing my sweatshirt all night long with the hood around my face for protection.

Tripping on a textbook. Yeah, don't ask. I am clumsy, and proud of it. And in my defense, it actually really hurt. Seriously.

The first watermelon of the summer courtesy of my grandma. It was juicy, crisp, and so sweet. and gone in a little over 24 hours. I cannot wait for summer!

Happy First of June! Got plans for the weekend?

p.s. Has anyone else experienced problems with the pinners you follow feed on Pinterest? Mine hasn't been updating (for the last 24+ hours) which is super sad. Can you tell I'm in Pinterest-withdrawal?

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