June 8, 2012

instafriday: week 20.

presentation prep // desk decor // new sip // blueberry turnovers // studying // shadows

This has been one crazy week. Mostly in a good slash stressed way. Mostly good.

I've become seriously obsessed with this song. I used to sing it at church during the high school worship and loved it. I still do, but haven't heard/sung it since then. Oddly enough, it popped up in my head a few nights ago and it's stuck.

Cramming all the information I've learned in my classes into my brain. At once. Is it possible? We'll soon find out, I guess!

Going to bed early. That's definitely a high point of my week.

Realizing I'm teaching this Sunday. Maybe I should start planning?

Have a good one, friends! I'll be back Sunday with my ten in ten edition for the month! Cross your fingers for nice weather here in the pacific northwest!

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