June 22, 2012

instafriday: week 22.

risk//baking books//reading time//leftovers (from here!)

It's been weird having no school/work this week. In a weird/cool/awesome kind of way.

It's also weird/cool/awesome to have highs and lows that have nothing to do with school for once!

Laying out in the sun reading the Hunger Games. That's right, I'm finally getting into these books. I may only be six chapters in at the moment, but I'm getting somewhere! I'll post more later on why I've delayed reading the series.

Realizing that there's only one more week of June. Where did time fly?

Saving Pinning dessert recipes. There's something about summertime that screams fresh berry desserts, right?

Having my purse strap break. Granted it's a purse from Claire's and I probably over-packed it on more than one occasion (but who doesn't?), but still. It was a sad day. Fortunately my mom and sister say it's fixable. I'm crossing my fingers.

Playing Risk. I honestly haven't played in years, so it was a good refresher. And it's making me want to go find the other board games (namely Monopoly) in the house...

What are your favorite board games? Have a great weekend!


  1. Hunger Games! Love Them! My parents are just starting to read my copies now, except (my poor parents) I can't find the last book. They'll never know how it ends. Hahahaha!

    I have never had the patience for Risk. Good for you!

    1. I love that your parents are reading them, too! My mom sounds curious so I'm thinking she will too (when I'm done reading). They'll just have to buy a new copy, I guess! Or make up the ending to their own liking? :)

      Risk was one of my favorite games when I was younger. But just because I play doesn't mean patience comes easily for me!


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