June 18, 2012

roasting adventures.

roasted donut holes via paint chip madness

This summer is apparently the summer of roasting adventures. AKA this is the summer that I try roasting all sorts of random sweets on the old grill.

It's kind of fun, really. As of now, I've tried Peeps, home-grown strawberries, traditional marshmallows, and glazed donut holes.

The best one?
roasted donut holes via kiki of paint chip madness

Donut holes. No question about it. The cake gets warm (like a cake right out of the oven!) and the glaze frosting kinda caramelizes.

roasted donut holes via paint chip madness blog

It's pretty darn delicious.

I didn't intend for this to be a blog post, so I only have photos of the roasting process itself (no prep photos, sorry!). But all you need are some skewers, a grill (or fire of some sort), and a box of glazed donut holes. Fortunately, it's pretty self-explanatory.

gotta try roasted donut holes! (via paint chip madness)

yum, roasted donut holes (via paint chip madness)
And delicious. Did I mention that already?


  1. THis looks very yummy. Too bad that I don't have a garden or terrace :-(

    1. It was! That's too bad you don't have a place to grill. Fortunately, normal donut holes are still a sweet treat!


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