June 17, 2012

sunday best: no photos of me, just my dad.

I've been a little (lot) lazy and haven't done any Sunday Best outfits recently. I honestly don't know how style bloggers do it. Getting dressed is hard enough for me. I did however score a photo of my dad in honor of Father's Day.

And he gave me permission to post this photo on my blog.

We'll see if he regrets this later...

those are donut holes, btw. related recipe coming tomorrow!

And here are a few (oldish?) links I've gathered recently:
Some of these made me chuckle.
I need a circle hole punch so I can make this.
I'm sure you're familiar with Kelly Moore's camera bags, but are you familiar with her daughter's adoption story? It's pretty amazing. Her pretty backyard is also pretty awesome, too.
I'd rather be short. How about you?
For someone practical (like me), this looks like the perfect craft book.
Legos are now beyond cool in my book.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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