June 27, 2012

what i've been watching wednesday: modern family.

Hunting for treasure.

Why didn't someone tell me about this show earlier? Granted, I probably would have given them the old skeptical-eyebrow, but still. The Pritchett/Dunphy/Pritchett-Tucker family is hilarious.

More on the skeptical-eyebrow. I'll be honest, I'm not really a comedy-girl (I do watch the Office, though. Maybe it's a mock-umentary thing I have going?) so I was pretty skeptical about watching it. But my local library has it--thank goodness for free DVD rentals. Seriously, support your local library!--and I figured, why not? I needed a summer TV show anyway. And everyone (and by everyone, I mean even the President watches it, so it must be good, right?).

And I have to say, I love these guys. They're funny. Like in a real kind of way funny (or maybe my family's just weird like them?). And I wish I hadn't watched the first two seasons in about two weeks (why didn't I spread the goodness out?).

So what am I going to watch for the rest of the summer? Any suggestions? I've heard of all the bloggers who love Downton Abbey, so I've contemplated that. Does it live up to all the blogger-hype it gets?


  1. Ah! Modern Family = Love! I just adore that show.

    Also, I love love love Downtown Abbey. Totally lives up to the hype, in my opinion. Another good BBC show: Sherlock Holmes (the most recent version).

    1. I know! I can't wait until the new season in the fall. I haven't watched much of last season (season three) but I'm hoping to at least mostly catch up by September.

      I think I'll have to check out both Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes. I like mystery/crime/cop shows (at least for the most part) so I'm Sherlock Holmes sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!


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