July 10, 2012

the fourth of july.

I think I'm trying to extend my summer by taking an extra long time to post photos from holidays + past weekends. It's either a blog fail or the most genius idea ever.

Anyway, here are a few photos of 2012's Fourth of July celebration. Let's just say, there was a lot of food involved...

But first, one has to bake.

And throw some poppers. Or whatever you call them.

Then, you can show off your goodies and indulge in everyone else's.
fruit pizza.

patriotic fruit pizza cookies.

sugary berries

pop 'ems.

Popcorn. Brilliant Fourth of July snack idea courtesy of my grandparents' neighbors.

Now it's fireworks time!

Sit down and enjoy the fireworks. #imafraidoffire
flip flop tan


And it wouldn't be Fourth of July without Coke + Mentos! Seriously, it never gets old.

And you're never too old to enjoy them either.
coke and mentos.

Side note: some neighbor kids were watching from their house and were yelling to their parents (who were inside the house, I think) that we were lighting a firework in the Coke bottle.

Not quite, but it did provide some not-so-quiet giggles from us. It was cute.

Hope your Fourth of July festivities were fun and full of great people and food! And when I'm talking about full of great people, I'm not talking about cannibalism, FYI.

Anyway, did you light fireworks or did you watch them? I'm obviously a watcher.


  1. What are those little fruit treats?! They look amazing! I'd love a recipe post on those :)

    And I'm definitely a fireworks watcher. I'm totally afraid of fire too!

    1. They're mini fruit pizzas! They were super yummy and I'm actually sharing the recipe tomorrow (thanks for the post idea + motivation to write it up!).

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one afraid of fire! Plus, watching is way more fun. :)

  2. Was going to ask the same as Julie, those fruit pizzas look yummie :-)
    I am definitely a watcher too! And here in NY it is illegal to light fireworks, so that's easy.
    Looking forward to the recipe!


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