July 20, 2012

instafriday: week 26.

It's Friday!

Although you probably knew that, didn't you?

onto book two//ice cream time!//shadows//trying to improve my skills--or lack thereof

Here are the highs and lows...hot and ready for you to read them:

That didn't make any sense.

Let's continue.

Library loving. I instagrammed about it already, but I'm seriously feeling that summers (this summer in particular) are the perfect time to read + recipe scour through books from the library.

Getting an ice cream maker! Summer can officially begin. I've been pinning like crazy, but I'd love to hear any great ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet recipes that you've got!

Hearing bees overhead + seeing bees everywhere. If I wasn't scared of bees (which I was), I am even more so now--especially after reading Hunger Games. All the buzzing reminded me of tracker jackers. Seriously, the games are getting to me.

Making tweaks to the blog. I think (knock on wood) that this is a design that will stay for awhile. Let's hope I don't get the redesign itch again anytime soon...

Having quiet + lazy days. Sometimes that's what summer is all about.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it's/it'll be great!

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