July 23, 2012

my favorite berries.

I've talked blogged about them, photographed them, and baked with them, too.

And now, I'm dedicating an entire post to them. Yep, an entire post of me raspberry picking. Not only are they delicious but it also means there's one more thing crossed off the old summer bucket list (see the first thing I crossed off here and the actual list here).

So here are a bazillion photos. I tried combining b&w with color photos because I've seen it done on other cool blogs before, but I'm not quite sure I'm smitten with mine yet.


faraway photo-taking

b&w hanging berries

down the aisle

blue ribbon

b&w berries

raspberry collage


rows and rows


b&w bees.

honeybee love

faraway photo-taking

all picked

clothespin marker

day's pickings


black and white.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I did go picking twice this week. And yes, all fifteen and a half pounds were eaten, baked with, and frozen.

What have you been picking lately?

And I'm not asking about your nose. 


  1. oooh those look amazing - I think I need to find some berry picking by me!!!

    1. Yep, they were super yummy. And yes, berry picking is a must in the summertime! Happy picking! :)

  2. such pretty pictures! i loveee berry picking! :)

    1. Thank you! I know, berry picking is the best. It's seriously my favorite part of summer!


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