August 20, 2012

in love with...

This alphabet:

cheddar cheese
day trips
extra credit
fresh baked bread
ikea (bonus points if you knew that one already)
jars (glass ones, to be exact)
kids (and all the funny things they tell me)
legroom (or personal space)
middle children (I may be a little biased)
office supplies
quilts made by loved ones
trader joe's
vanilla (extract, scented lotion, ice cream--well, you get the picture)
wintertime (especially the first snow)
x-marks-the-spot! because who doesn't love treasure hunts?
yogurt (especially the frozen + greek varieties)
zest (lemon + lime)

What are your fave 26? I'll admit, I had to Google to think of a word for the letter x. And I know, I know, I ended up kind of cheating. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

Feel free to share your version either here or on your blog! I'm a list-lover, so I'd love it if you shared the link!

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