August 17, 2012

instafriday: week 30.

 I've separated my links and my instafriday posts just to make things less crowded, less of a mumble-jumble mess. Which means (hopefully) there will be two posts on Fridays.

Fingers crossed.

row one: jar washing // row two: giant bubble + target clearance love // row three: present wrapping.

Anyway, hope your week was delightful! Here's a glimpse into mine:

Going to Target shortly after they added a bazillion cute things to the clearance section. Umm, best day ever!

Hot weather. I forget every June that August is the hottest. And then I long for cool crisp autumn air. And then when the fall rain comes, I long for summer. Go figure.

Listening to my mom and little sister try to explain what jeggings are to my dad. I'm not sure he completely understood what they were made of and what they looked like. Not that he cares because he ended that conversation saying, "that sounds weird." My mom's reply? "Well, I guess that means you don't want any?"

Watching Wheel of Fortune reruns. Is that considered cheating?

Seeing old friends who I consider sisters. Need I say more?

How was your week? Hope your weekend is splendid!

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