August 31, 2012

instafriday: week 32.

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Is it really the beginning of September already?

Was it really summertime only a few weeks ago?

Time flies by too fast. Am I right?

Anyway, while I wonder where time went, here's how I spent this week:

Reading. It feels so good to find another good book to read. More about that later, though.

Picking blackberries. Even though they're invasive in my area, they're free (when picked in the park) and they're juicy. Sometimes sour + always prickly (the branches, that is), but totally worth it.

Soaking up the early morning sunshine. I love to eat cereal with frozen berries but it always leaves me a little cold after breakfast. Which is why finding little patches of sunshine streaming through the windows is a must. This is how my dog and I are alike. We may or may not also have dark hair + a love for bread. He's my brother, can't you tell?

Trying out new gum flavors. I blame it on my mom, really (okay, not really. but kind of). She likes to try new things. And put the two of us together in a grocery store checkout aisle is not a good combination. She buys, I try. Some people might read tabloids. We read gum flavors.

Entering blog giveaways. I've never won (and my chances of winning are actually quite low), but it brings me back to when I used to enter random raffles at school (do anyone else remember those guess how many jellybeans are in the jar games?). Plus, who can't pass up the chance to win free goodies?

How was your week? Do you have plans for this long weekend? I hope you get the chance to enjoy it!

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