August 12, 2012

that old bucket list.

I'm a list maker. I may or may not complete the tasks on said lists, but I love making them nonetheless.

So here's what my bucket list looks like:
  • Visit another country.
  • Adopt (at least once!).
  • Go to the Influence Conference (or something similar).
  • Finish college.
  • Adopt a greyhound pup.
  • Go on a mission trip.
  • Take an ASL class (American Sign Language).
  • Buy a DSLR. (accomplished June 2009)
  • Finish writing a story.
  • Visit + help out at an orphanage.
  • Fill a home/apartment with things from IKEA.
  • Be on (or at least try out for) Wheel of Fortune.
  • Have my own classroom.
  • Participate in a Color Run.
  • Ride a train.

And for the curious, here are a few not-so-mini bucket lists I've compiled over the summers:
Summer 2012 (linked up with these lovely ladies!) To see how I did, click here.

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