August 28, 2012

walkation: day one.

This weekend was splendid.

My family stayed at a beach house for the weekend. We've never done it before (at least as far as I can remember) and I liked it.

It definitely beats all five of us + our dog in a hotel room.

What did we do, you ask? Well, we went walking/hiking, ate, and walked some more. My sister dubbed it the Walkation. And even though we went to the beach, we did a lot more walking than beachcombing. My hair was still a misty, tangly, salty mess, but that's what messy buns are for, right? I think I even started to smell like the beach. Either that, or I smelled like a wet dog. Or maybe it was my dog?

Let's get back on topic, shall we?

I'm going to split up some of my photos this week. Only because I took like three hundred photos and my hands are too tired to edit/watermark/upload/organize the ones I want to post (aka take out the ones where people aren't blinking/talking/complaining about more family photos).

So here's Day One (of three) for all those interested:
1angry birds.
angry bird roadtrip snacks.
tide pooling.
crazy wind + crazy hair.

the parents.
crazy waves.
smoothie sharing.
the perfect beach sunset. life is complete.
trying to recreate an old photo. didn't work too well.
just a crazy jumper. photo credit: dad
a friendly beach bird.
What's your favorite roadtrip snack? We love homemade cookies + graham crackers.

Stay tuned, tomorrow brings photos from Day Two...

I know, you can't wait.

See Day Two, Day Three, and some instagrams for the full Walkation experience. 


  1. Er im sorry. Are those angry birds SNACKS? Is this real life?!

    1. Yep! My mom found them at a grocery store as a roadtrip snack. Even though none of us actually play Angry Birds, we all loved them (even our dog!).


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