September 24, 2012

berries. again.

Hopefully you're not tired of me posting about berries and ice cream again.

But I wanted to write a post on making ice cream. I think I mentioned it earlier, but my family (okay, my parents finally agreed) that we could get one as a family-purchase if we all did some extra chores + pitched in a few dollars.

ice cream maker
and yes, they even come in pretty colors!

And all those chores did pay off. Homemade ice cream is definitely more delicious (maybe because of all the work that goes into it before hand?) and a lot more fun to make than buy. Although I still like this family tradition of sorts...

blackberry ice cream...
it tastes better than it looks. think whipped cream + berries in ice cream form...

What have I learned from making ice cream? That there are two different kinds of ice cream, for starters. There's the Philadelphia-style and the French-style (more on that, here). One has eggs (French-style) and the other doesn't (Philadelphia). I'm definitely a Philadelphia-style kind of girl. It's easier to make and it's not as custard-y.

I also learned that adding berries or cookie dough makes ice cream super yummy.

ice cream cones.
so much fun to make. thanks for baking/cooking with me, sis!

And that making homemade ice cream cones makes it even more fun. And it actually pairs quite nicely with homemade blackberry ice cream.

I don't want to steal + post someone else's recipe, so here's the link where you can find it yourself. And if you want to make some sweet ice cream cones, here's a similar recipe to the one we used. We just baked them in the oven instead of cooking the batter on the pan because we had some burnty-results from that one.

homemade blackberry ice cream.
we like to take photos of the same things at the same time. we're related, can't you tell?

Have fun! If you have a favorite ice cream recipe or flavor in general, would you be so kind as to share? I'm dying to find a great mint chocolate chip recipe...

I apologize if that makes your mouth water, too.

p.s. Did you watch the Emmy's last night? All I have to say is Congrats Modern Family! And did you see Tracy Morgan pass out on stage? 


  1. looks like a blast! i love that you made your own cones too. legit!

    1. It really was + the cones were definitely the best part!


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