September 12, 2012


I used to think that being introverted was a bad thing. Especially in middle and high school (aka the days when being different was considered a bad thing). Even though I've always been one, I never would have admitted it to anyone (probably because, I'm well, introverted). There were times when I honestly thought that something was wrong with me because I was introverted. I mean, how many popular people are introverts?

Anyway, blogging (see here) and Pinterest (see here) have both opened my eyes into all of the wonderful things introversion has to offer.

For example, I love my quiet time. To some people waking up early on a Saturday morning is torture. And while it can be at times, it's so worth it to me. I love that quiet time when I can go on the computer without being bothered. I feel like a mom saying this, but it's just amazing.

Example two: I love my close-knit friends and family. I used to be obsessed with the number of friends I had on Facebook. I used to even obsess over my blog stats (like, up until a few months ago). Obviously, these things are not worth obsessing over (got that, future self?). Since then, I've realized that having twenty-gazillion friends is just not my cup of tea. And even if my friends list on Facebook dwindles to twelve, I'm okay with that because I really only need to share my life with loved ones.

Example three: Introversion makes blogging easier. I get to share things in writing and meet fellow bloggers who encourage me, leave the sweetest notes, and share their lives with me in return.

Lastly, being introverted is exactly how God created me to be. Sometimes when I'm down, I forget this one. Even if it is the most important one. And it's also really hard to be mad at myself when I realize that God made me in my own way...introversion and all.

Are you introverted? Have any other pros to add to my sweet + short list?

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