September 13, 2012

on air fresheners and something for christmas.


As someone who's been a Christian (or believer, follower, Jesus lover) her whole life, I find myself constantly craving the new-Christian feeling inside my heart. You know, that energized spirit inside of you that makes you want to scream "I love Jesus!" at the top of your lungs to all your blogging friends. Yep, that feeling. And while I know I've had those moments, I want to have that feeling every single day. 24/7.

And sometimes, as ridiculous as it is, I get jealous that there are other people that have that feeling when I don't. It's kind of like when your friend shows off their new car to you. With the squeaky clean windows, the never-sat-on-before seats, and the food/dog hair/coffee spill-free interior. And you can't forget that new car smell, too.

Okay, let's move on. I don't even like cars, for goodness' sake.

But you know those little tree-shaped car fresheners? The ones that are cinnamon, strawberry, and even new car scented? The ones that people with old cars use to make their cars (sort of) new again?

Those little air fresheners, they're used to help renew the old car. Make it a little younger smelling, maybe even put a little more oomph in the car's step.

And that's what I feel God's calling me to do in my life. And no, I'm not talking about getting a bunch of car fresheners. I'm talking about digging deeper in His word. Making the Bible my car freshener to renew my old heart.

Instead of spending time envying others, I need to spend my energy renewing myself in His word. Finding that new Christian spirit in Him. Because if I want to be energized, I need to put the energy in making that happen. It sounds odd, but I think that it's true.

If there's something I've learned from blogging, it's that hitting that little publish button makes you more accountable. So I'm hitting that publish button to make myself more accountable in my Bible reading time. I'm currently on the search for a new devotional of sorts so if you know of any good ones, let me know. I'm thinking about She Reads Truth because I've seen it all over the internet so if you follow that, I'd love to know your thoughts on that!

And I realize you're all probably wondering why the title of this post also refers to Christmas. Well, I'm thinking that a cute little pendant (in the shape of an evergreen with rounded edges--you know, just like the car fresheners) would make a great little reminder for me to dig deeper instead of being green with envy.

And on a total random note, I just saw this commercial and I laughed at how it much it related all this. I love how God places things in my life at just the right time.


  1. Girl, this post is so relatable for me! I strive to have that feeling in my heart everyday, but some days I'm just not feelin' it all the way. And that's hard because you see people all around you who seem so rooted in their faith all day everyday. Ugh.

    Your idea to read the Word more is such a great one though. It'll definitely deepen and strengthen your relationship with God in so many ways!

    I have yet to read this devotional: Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon & revised by Alistair Begg (the pastor at my church!), but I've heard it's great.

    I also like this book: if you just search for "the one year NIV devotional new testament" (also by Alistair Begg) on amazon you should find it easy peasy! It's amazing, I really love the daily readings in it, and they help me stay in the Word!

    Phew, sorry this comment was so long, but I hope I helped! :)

    1. Also, not trying to throw him in your face, but Alistair also has a webiste/radio show called "Truth for Life" and his sermons are beyond amazing. He really has a God given talent for ministry. So check it out sometime (only if you want, of course!).

      Okay, I'm done now, I promise!

    2. I'll definitely have to check out Alistair Begg, it sounds great for me! I've actually been reading through the New Testament again so that devotional sounds like a great complement + added reading. I always love to see other peoples' perspectives on the Bible.

      And don't apologize about long comments, those are some of the best + my favorite. Plus, we all know I have a tendency to write on and on and on...

      Thanks for the suggestions + feedback, Julie! :)


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