September 6, 2012

on which i killed my plant.

Remember when I made these little guys?

diy paint-dipped succulent planters tutorial by paint chip madness

Well, you see that aloe in the photo?

That poor little guy drowned last week.

poor little aloe.

In my defense, I was only trying to prevent it from dehydration. Which is probably unlikely considering it's a succulent, but still. I partially blame its untimely drowning on the Walkation.

And to all my future students' parents, I am much better with children than I am with plants. I may give them water at snack time so they can dunk their Goldfish and graham crackers in it (don't ask), but I don't over-water them like I did with my little aloe plant. Over-watering children would likely end in some unfortunate events.

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