September 5, 2012

perfect timing.

I'm always in awe of moments of perfect timing.

Like when you make the light just before it changes color. Perfect timing.

Or when you + your best friend say the exact same thing at the exact same time. Perfect timing.

How about when you snag the very last bag of your favoritest chips in the world? Perfect timing. And your lucky day.

Anyway, the best perfect timing moments in my life are when God places a scripture in my heart/mind/soul at just the right time. Basically, it's when I need encouragement and help re-focusing my life on Him.

A few weeks ago in church, one of the pastors spoke about the old camel + the needle parable. You know, when Jesus says that "it's easier for a camel to move through the eye of a needle than it is a rich man to lose all of his possessions."

Seeing as I'm not rich in the financial-arena, I never really thought this verse applied to me. Can you say terrible shallow girl with me?

Anyway, he (the pastor) also touched on the fact that possessions are not only physical possessions but things we think and care about most as well.

Like, I don't know, singlehood? He seriously said that. Exactly at the moment I was thinking about it.

And while we're on the topic of being honest, I want to say that I still struggle with that.

Not only did this speak millions to me, but it also made me realize that I need to depend on God more.

Stop being such an independent thinker and start being a more dependent believer. Trust in Him. Trust in His plans for me. Stop planning on my own and complaining about failed plans later.

You want to know the best part of the sermon?

The fact that while I cannot do anything without Him, I can do anything WITH Him.

And while I know I'll always struggle with my singlehood (as long as I'm single), I know that I can begin to re-focus and re-think my thoughts with God's help.



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