September 21, 2012

real life, lately : numero dos.

real life, lately.

Now that fall is here (almost!), I have a hunch life will be busy.

Which is why his new Friday weekly recap blog post is here. After thinking about it, I realized it goes along perfectly with my quest to capture the little things in life. Writing these posts will hopefully make me more grateful and positive during the craziest  of days. I'll document the people I've met, the food I've eaten, the things I've learned, bought, and/or love. Little things like that.

Little things that make life so full.

So here's to the first edition!

1. I kinda sorta wanna watch this movie. Even though I can only see Amy Adams as the girl in Enchanted, the trailer leaves me so very, very intrigued. Especially because I'm a family/relationship/real people movie kind of girl.

2. I know I've written this before, but I'm super duper excited about my upcoming internship. Excited about teaching. Excited about spending my days reading stories instead of textbooks. Excited about being challenged in a good way. The word excited just about sums it all up. I promise to post more about it later.

3. But I am a wee bit sad that summer is officially ending for me. Yep, school starts pretty late for me (on Monday, to be exact). Don't be too jealous though, because school here also gets out late. But I'm ready. Lots of other people I know have already started, so I'm ready to jump on that bandwagon, too.

4. I've started a new weekend job as a babysitter! And I'm really, really, really, enjoying it. The family is the sweetest. It's basically the perfect fit for me. Even more so because I didn't have a school job lined up this year to help pay for tuition + books so I am beyond grateful that God gave me this opportunity.

It's your turn! I'm kinda interested in hearing what everyone else is up to. School, work, crafts, anything.

And yes, I really want to know. 

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