September 28, 2012

real life, lately: three times the charm.

real life, lately.

I promise to stop with all the number-related phrases in my post titles someday. Probably starting next week, seeing as I can't seem to come up with something for the number four.

Anyway, as promised, here's a little look into my school-filled week:

I started school. And I'm really starting to love it. It's going to be a great term of classes. It was tiring (waking up early is my least favorite part, thus far) but I'm quickly becoming a yoga girl and my internship sounds busy but so rewarding and worth every minute.

I also learned that I cannot sit on a foot-tall wooden chair that is meant for preschoolers as opposed to college students like me. It was a rude awakening to my posterior, if you know what I mean.

I am looking for some good old broken crayon crafts. I'm thinking that melting them and making new ones. It sounds like it would a lot of fun. But so would doing some leaf rubbings or something. Any other suggestions?

I wore my hand out from note-taking + writing. I also practiced being a preschooler. Therefore, I am becoming a preschool-college-student if there's such a thing.

I am thoroughly enjoying fall. The scrumptiously crispy and equally juicy apples are my favorite. Is anyone else a honeycrisp fan? They're a little tart, super juicy and crispy and a wonderful addition to my lunch.

How was your week? Hope it was lovely!

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


  1. honeycrisp is my fav...but such a short season. we are eating them constantly around here.

    1. I know! They're also little on the expensive side where I live. But they're still my fave. :)


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