September 3, 2012

walkation: the last one. i promise.

I really, truly promise.

I just wanted to include a few instagrams from the trip, as well. Mostly to prove that I went on the trip, too (and not just my feet).

sister's instagrams.
from day one // windy sunset portrait // eating dinner (day two) // hiking sister photo.

more vacationing.
beach house decor // clouds // sand // tons of pillows

crocs for beach house (to keep feet sand-free inside. don't worry i don't wear them anywhere else) // crazy end of the day hair // lanterns // fish rug.

First collage, photo credit: my lovely sister.

And I truly promise, this is the last one.

Walkation Day One, Day Two and Day Three.


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    1. Thank you! Instagram really is a ton of fun. Even though the camera on my iPod isn't that great, all the different filters make it a lot of fun. :)


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