October 22, 2012

a quick post.

little pumpkin


I'd like to say that I was super productive this weekend, but that would be a lie.

On Friday, I picked out these cute little gourds at Trader Joe's. Can you believe they came like that--all color blocked and stripey? Seriously, God's creation is amazing. And they were only 69 cents!

Then I spent my Saturday at home doing homework (and maybe blog reading, but don't tell my teacher that...). I also did a little raking and ended my day babysitting three beyond adorable kids.

So obviously, there were no photos from that. I did consider taking photos of the raking (of my feet, of course!) but I left my camera inside and didn't want to track in dirt + mud just for a photo of my feet.

And no photos of the kiddos because I don't like to post photos on the world wide web of children that aren't mine (and thus the photos aren't mine to share either). That's why you'll never see photos of students/kids I babysit here on this blog. It's just a personal opinion of mine.

Oh! But all you sports fans should be proud, I even watched a little (maybe ten minutes) of football on Saturday. Aren't you proud?

Then on Sunday, I spent it with more fun kids. Learning about Noah's Ark, eating animal crackers, and reminding kids that as delicious as the plastic play food apples look, they're not for our mouths.

My little sister told me that I'm practically a mom. And honestly, I'm not quite sure if that's a compliment or not...

Happy Monday!


  1. Ah, I love those gourds! It truly is amazing what gifts nature graces us up.

    1. Thanks! I think so, too. I was with my mom when we got them, and we just couldn't leave them there. When my dad saw them, he thought that we painted them. :)

  2. Love your pics, and totally agree with your attention to children's pivacy. :)
    Big hugs from Sweden!

    1. Yes! So glad someone else agrees. Thanks for stopping by, especially from Sweden! It's so cool to hear from readers who are so far away. It makes me even more grateful for blogs. :)


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