October 18, 2012

all my life and some worship songs.


Earlier today, I taught my first solo day at preschool. And it surprisingly went well. I was pretty nervous at first, but the head teacher (kind of like my supervisor/mentor) reassured me and then the rest of the day was really a blur.

A good blur, though. Things went smoothly (or so my fellow student teachers convinced me!) and the kids hopefully learned to use their elbows to catch their cough and not their friend's sleeve instead. It's an important lesson, if you're three, I tell ya.

We played lots of bowling (with empty soda bottles and a mini inflatable basketball) and kids played in oobleck (cornstarch and water). It was messy, but so much fun.

It went well, I got good feedback, and I was, well, pretty happy at the end of the day. So much so that I had to tell my mom every bit of my day. Almost moment by moment. Seriously, Mom, I'm not sure how you listen so well! At least I wasn't complaining, right?

I wish I could say that all my excitement stopped there, but it didn't. I mentioned it at the dinner table that night and am probably still crazy excited/relieved about it all right now. 

Of course, worship songs playing on KLOVE got me and made me realize that as happy as I may be,  I need to direct my happiness (and turn my gloat-iness) to Him. Praising Him and thanking Him.

In other words, I need to remember that my life really isn't mine to live. It's His. He gave me the air to breathe, so the least I can do is give Him the praise He deserves.

And yes, that is all I have to say. #wordy

And here are the worship songs I heard and love:

Happy Thursday, friends!

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