October 3, 2012

completed, checked, + content.

I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I've actually completed a to-do list of sorts!

Seriously, unless my lists involve homework--and to be honest, sometimes it seems like these never get completed!--my lists almost never get accomplished.

If you may recall, this was my Summer 2012 bucket list:
2012 bucket list

And if you need a refresher, here are the bucket list items that I somehow managed to complete and check off. And boy, am I beyond content about it!

1. bake a pie: done! (two pies, to be exact)
2. make some DIY jewelry: not done (sad face)
3. read lots: done! (I even read the Hunger Games + saw the movie, too!)
4. go raspberry picking: done! (and all berries were eaten, too)
5. make a collage wall: not done (didn't get a chance to buy IKEA frames)
6. study for teaching exams: sorta done (studied some but definitely not enough!)
7. go on a road trip: done! (see here, and the walkation photos, too - day one, two, three, and instagrams, too)
8. make ice cream: done! (see here, it's the one I'm most happy about, too!)

Is it weird to make bucket lists for every season? I'm thinking it would be really fun to make one for Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Although these will likely include getting school work done...

Do you make bucket lists for every season or for the summer? Do you (or did you) get them done?


  1. Great job! Nothing like a little satisfaction and knowing that you didn't let the season pass you by - you lived every moment of it :)

    1. Thanks! It really feels good to get something accomplished (especially because I feel like I'm falling behind on schoolwork!). :)


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