October 8, 2012

interning has it's rewards.

Despite all the papers, lesson planning (aka Pinterest-pinning), and stress/feelings of being overwhelmed, I am truly in love with my internship.

I get to spend my days with preschoolers, some of the coolest kids around.

Some say these kids are full of runny noses and milk spills (not to mention troubles with potty training), but I don't like to think of kids that way.

This internship has really increased my love and desire to help kids who deserve more. Kids who give more than they receive. And kids who are so very, very, loveable.

Last week, I had a bandaid on my finger and had two little girls ask me what happened, if my cat scratched me (not that I even own a cat), and if I would be okay.

Um, is that not the cutest thing in the world? Because really, how often do we adults take the time to care and notice the little things, or the subtle changes in people? And yes, I will shake my finger at you if you say that wasn't the cutest thing in the world.

These past few weeks I've had kids give me hugs, remember my name (although I was called Mr. Kiki by accident. I'm not going to think too much into that one, though), and ask me to play cats with them (I was the mama cat, by the way).

I spend my days chasing frisbees, cooking oatmeal, and learning about superheroes.

And come October 31st, there are going to be a lot of Captain America's, ninjas, Ariel's and cowboys roaming the streets.

And yes, these little people are my superheroes. And yes, I am getting a minor in cheesy phrases.

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