October 29, 2012

just some randoms.

Only because I don't feel like editing my research paper right now.


study snack




How was your weekend? The rain has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm thinking it's here to stay. Which means two things: slippers, scarves, socks, boots, and sweaters. Not all at the same time, but you get what I mean.

And if you're on the East Coast, I hope you're safe, warm, and dry!


  1. I just had to do some editing to masters work this weekend as well, which is always that last step you just don't want to do! love the random shots - and yeah for fall, cannot wait for it to really stick around in northern california, it keeps pretending to be here, and then it goes away :)

    1. I know the feeling! I bet you can't wait to be done with your Master's! I haven't even started (aka applied to programs) mine and can't wait to be done. :)

      I hope fall comes for you! I'm really loving the weather + clothing that comes along with it.

  2. Couldn't agree more, scarves, boots and sweaters are a complete must for fall here in the midwest! Add coffee to the mix plus your cookie dough you got yourself a perfect fall afternoon :)

    1. I know, right? And to think it wasn't until last year that I enjoyed all of the fall weather + clothing!

      The clothes + yummy goodies really are perfect for fall. Except I'm actually not a coffee person (crazy, right?) but I'm all for more cookie dough! :)

    2. What not a coffee person that is crazy! I guess I understand...at least you like cookie dough :)

    3. I know, I'm pretty crazy. And rare, especially for a college student!

      But I'm a huge cookie dough fan. Especially cookie dough ice cream. :)


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