October 19, 2012

links to love.

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These look ridiculously delicious. Your pants will thank you later.

This DIY project is beyond amazing. Seriously, it opens up so many possibilities!

Seven cute ways to use washi tape. 

How to frost a perfectly smooth cake.

Fall in a box. Umm, best thing ever!

I want to make this for my kids. Not so they can use it, but so I can use it and have an excuse for making it, too.

These paper bags are the cutest.

And if you haven't been fall-ified already, you should check out these photos.

Best party idea ever.

And here's another great party activity to try.

20 pumpkin recipes to try this fall. You'd better believe I salivated over every one of these!


  1. i really love these link love posts! thanks so much for sharing all the goodness out on the world wide web! :)

    1. Thank you! If anything, I think these posts really show how much I'm on Pinterest and reading blogs. :)


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