October 15, 2012

no more cliffhangers.


As I'm sitting here writing this post, the sharks on TV are trying to one-up one another to try and strike a deal. And before I switch subjects, can I just say that I love it when Barbara brings up the whole "girl power" thing? All the other male sharks go crazy over that.

Anyway, I thought it was about time that I write a little bit of an update on some of my past blog posts.

You know, like that oh-so-popular (insert sarcasm here) singleton post?

Or that post where I talked about my internship?

And then there's the post about feeling icky, jealous, and empty faith-wise.

Anyway, I thought that those posts were a little cliffhanger-y. And time brings change and I feel like I really have changed recently.

So on the whole singleton subject, let's just say that I'm actually quite content. Scratch that. Make it happy. I don't find myself thinking about it and boo-hooing about it either. I know that these feelings will come and go, but as for right now, I really and truly am happy.

And you probably thought I found myself a boyfriend. Sorry, that would have probably gotten a bazillion posts their own.

With tons of exclamation points.


Moving on. As for the internship, I just have to say that I'm beyond exhausted, excited, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I'm not going to go into much detail because I don't really feel that it's something professional to do (sharing-wise), but I just have to say that this is an amazing teaching experience. I've met some amazingly talented, brilliant, and dedicated girls and teachers who I love teaching and learning with.


Finally, let's talk about faith. It may be a touchy topic for some, but it's actually something I feel quite open about on this blog. Which is odd for an introvert like me. But I've also been feeling just great about it. I feel filled, I feel loved, and I feel like my relationship with Christ is getting bigger and stronger everyday. I've been reading more (I'm in Luke right now and will be re-reading the New Testament as stated here) and have been prayer-journaling as well. And if you're curious, that just means that I write letters/prayers down each night either before/during/after reading. It helps me focus on my reading and it helps me reflect on my day as well. I've been doing it for four-ish years now and it's the perfect fit for a writer like me.

Phew. That was a long one. Congrats for finishing!

And I'm going to sign off now. The paper cut on my palm is bothering me. Let's just say that it did not like my shampoo getting in it while I was showering.

Now do me a favor, fill me in on your life. Or send me a link to your blog. Either will be a great way for me to spend my evening.

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