October 5, 2012

real life lately: four more.

real life, lately.

I feel like I'm constantly trying to avoid writing about teaching and school, but I think it's inevitable nowadays. Hopefully that doesn't bother too many of you! I'll try to at least keep it to a minimum.

Anyway, here's a look into my week. It was exciting, I tell ya.

Big news first! I have officially re-discovered my teacher voice. I haven't had to use it in a long time, and it oddly enough feels good to have it back. I feel so much more confident and I think the kids can tell I'm a real teacher. Or at least kind of a real teacher.

I came across this pin and was humbled and reminded to be more grateful. It's gratitude season, friends.

I learned how to make die-cuts! And I'm officially in love. Is it weird that I kind of sort of want one? I mean, they come in all sorts of shapes for holidays, animals, borders, etc. It's fascinatingly easy and it opens up so many possibilities. And it makes my scissor-cutting hands feel a little more at ease.

I also discovered that Pinterest is my new best friend. Okay, so we already were, but I can now use it during school to lesson plan and not feel bad about one minute of it. It's a lovely feeling, really.

How was your week? Hope it was full of Pinterest and fun!

p.s. Who am I kidding. Blogging about teaching is inevitable. 

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